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Public Record Requests for information on GAL/Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher 


2015 and 2016 Grannie received several GAL related complaints about Mary Beth Fisher lying in court and biased reports.

On November  15, 2013 all of the Franklin County Domestic Courts judges recused from hearing a particular case that involved GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher.  Why did this happen? There are rules for judge's recusals.  It is unprecedented for all judges including the "visiting" Judge Lias to recuse from hearing a case.  Fisher was also being investigated by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel for wrong doing.  There is something very wrong with this woman.  She is the subject of too much controversy.  It is a disgrace that this court-appointed GAL has damaged the integrity of Franklin County Ohio Domestic Courts.  It should not be tolerated.

Pursuant to the Ohio Public Record Act (ORC 149.43), you can get a copy of all complaints in your county against GAL/Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher OR any other guardian ad litem by writing to your county domestic courts of which she is appointed. This information is public record for every county that she works. You have a legal right to know how to protect your child and your finances. has copies of complaints and emails of complaints from dozens of parents who have experienced Attorney/GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher's vicious and unethical tactics. Many parents have read this website and have sent emails requesting advise or seemly they want a place to vent their frustrations.  Mary Beth will not take responsibility for her egregious, cruel, and unethical reports without involving careers that are attorneys and judges. She must know where all the bodies are buried.  Get her off your case before you and child are victims.  

There are hundreds of outstanding GALs in Ohio to choose from and less controversial ones.  Please understand that magistrate and judges DO NOT have to follow Mary Beth's lies and crazy recommendations, but she can taint witnesses which hurts your case and your child's well-being. File complaints immediately to have her removed when she starts lying in reports and manipulating your child.  Read thoroughly GAL Rule 48 and hold Mary Beth accountable to Ohio Supreme Court guidelines.  They were written for a reason -- to protect Ohio children.  Attorneys, you need to speak up as well and protect your client.  

Mary Beth's final bill must be filed with the court, and anything over $3500.00 must have an affidavit of support and be accurate. You can learn more about this information by contacting the Ohio Supreme Court GAL guideline regarding GAL billing.  Significant changes were made in 2013 that protect parents.  But if you do not know about it, then you can be financially ruined. As it is, my granddaughter with a law degree and pro se, she proved her case, but is paying for Mary Beth's lies and corruption and extortion because inexperienced Magistrate Elliott did not remove this GAL and hold her accountable for lying and pleading the Fifth during September 2011 ECO hearing.  Attorney Joseph Nigh and his law firm were representing Franklin County Public Defender, Edward Gemmer, and his father, Gary Gemmer at the same time.  It is after this major error by Magistrate Elliott, and during the December 2011 hearing that Judge Lias is on the record yelling and reprimanding Mary Beth for lying in court: and Judge Lias is questioning the validity of Mary Beth's GAL interim report, and whether it should have been written at all with stolen out of context email communications.  

Mary Beth's final bill was later reduced significantly, but a corrupt bill was still upheld by Judge Lias when the mother pro se filed the wrong motion in September of 2012.  This was also after the Columbus Bar took the case to the investigative second level and Mary Beth had to hire a bar attorney.  She got protection during the appeal process when the Toledo Bar - Michael Bonfiglo who did not investigate the time line, lied, and said it was this website (not even created at the time) is what prompted Mary Beth to write in a letter to the mother that she wanted a "mutual release if no bar complaints" were filed by any members of this family.  It felt like extortion, but the mother and this family filed complaints against Mary Beth with Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien, the FBI, and Mike DeWine - Attorney General, and, of course, Ohio Disciplinary Counsel etc.... This website was created after Mary Beth's extortion attempt and not before.  It was created when corrupt Ohio attorneys advanced their efforts to try and destroy Tampa Attorney Ali Shakoor's stellar legal career.  It was created in order to protect YOU as you protect your CHILD who is asking for help.  

Do not hesitate, you have to act early to have Mary Beth removed before corruption festers. The more people involved - legal careers, the more likely they will want to protect the Record and not your child or finances.   The case is 09-DR-4727.

I do not want this to happen to you or to another Ohio parent. No ONE should pay for lies and corruption and a phony bill with phony names of people, you have never heard of after working so hard to protect your child.  It is criminal what Mary Beth is doing to parents.  Domestic judges need to hold her accountable for lying and for every dollar she charges.  We have a joke that Mary Beth should be using the money for a psychiatrist to treat her for a depraved indifference to the well-being of children.  Seriously, though, you are being warned and encouraged to file a complaint, and have her removed immediately as GAL, and insist that her final bill be filed with the court and every dollar accounted for because she lies.  And, please understand that she rarely appointed in a dual role attorney/guardian ad litem for your child.  If she is the child's "attorney," then her bill can be further disputed by filing complaints with the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel and the Columbus Bar.    

After too many complaints from parents what we learned from attorneys speaking off the record, is that Mary Beth remains on the GAL listing but is not or is rarely appointed by judges. They do not speak highly of Mary Beth's reputation since the fallout and so many complaints. She maybe a liability for lawsuits, because one day a child will be severely harmed because of her lies.  

In 2013, all domestic court judges in Franklin County, including visiting/retired Judge Lias recused from hearing a case where Mary Beth Fisher was the former GAL and was removed.  This is unprecedented.

The mother's court files were provided to the U.S. Attorney's Office for an investigation, and you should do the same so complaints against Fisher are in one place.  One day Mary Beth will be held accountable for the hurt she has caused Ohio children and parents. SPEAK-UP!  Your child and Ohio children are worth your time.  There are too many already that have complained.  Mary Beth was unnaturally cruel to the mother and our family.  She lied, plead the Fifth, was biased and her opinions come across as factual and authoritative as she lied under oath.  Mary Beth is NOT a psychologist, educator, nurse or a pediatrician.  She is only a greedy cruel attorney/GAL lying and creating havoc for personal gain.  She does NOT belong in Ohio courts.  


U.S. Attorney's Office

303 Marconi, Ste 200

Columbus, Ohio 43215



In our case, besides the U. S. Attorney Offices, we also met with and provided information to the FBI. And, we sent information to the U. S. Attorney's Office in Washington D.C., and Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General's Office and to Prosecutor Ron O'Brien.  We also met with state legislators and provided documents.  It is all about "jurisdiction" as to what can be done to protect Ohio children.  We are serious about protecting Ohio children from Attorney/GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher.  What she did to mother and our family was a horrific nightmare.  "We need more parents to come forth with complaints.   It is about resources (funding) and not the truth that is evident. "  This is what we heard over and over again.  

Despite the fact that 09DR-4727 settled in the mother's favor and she maintained the majority custody, no mother or family should go through what our family experienced.   (Please see tabs for more information)

We are helping to protect other Ohio children with this website of information and by being transparent and maintaining integrity.    

Rather than feel victimized, angry, and frustrated, parents and attorneys need to come forth in order for a full investigation of GAL/Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher.  This family had the courage to speak up, create a website, and file complaints.  

Keep all of your records in a safe place, because Fisher deletes files and disposes of records, and this includes communication to therapists, doctors and psychologists. When they can easily be preserved forever.  There is no need for only paper files in this modern age.  There is no excuse she can provide, except a need for protection from possible prosecution.  

Remember to file all documents, pleadings, complaints, e-mail communications and transcripts regarding your divorce/custody case so there is an indefinite paper trail.  Put your case number on it and file it with the court record.  Something may happen to your child, or to you and Mary Beth has deposed of everything relating to your case.  You keep your records safe, scan to hard drive, put on disks or email to cyberspace for the future.



Fisher has immunity in domestic courts.  She can, and will lie in documents and under oath in court in front of the judge, but you cannot.  Fisher can also plead the Fifth as she did as the GAL in 09-DR-4727.   


You have a right to know what other parents have complained about and why Mary Beth was removed in some cases.  In other cases she removed herself when complaints were filed. 

The number one complaint against Fisher is fabricating reports with names of people who have nothing to do with the case and then passing it around before a hearing.  Another is phony inflated bills with names of people who have nothing to do with the case.  Fisher pretends to be nice and uses a soft comforting voice when outright lying and manipulating children and witnesses.  Mary Beth is concerned about making money and getting referrals from attorneys and not the well-being of children. 

There are wonderful attorneys/GALs whom are financially successful and also ethical.  You can find one in Ohio but NOT Attorney/GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher. 


Some Gals are appointed as "attorneys" for the child.  However most are appointed as a GAL guardian ad litem - ONLY.  They should hand over their report and NOT cross examine you on the witness stand.  This is a dual role and unfair because then you are up against two attorneys.  Have your attorney clarify RULE 48 and do not allow Fisher to play this game on you in the court room.  

Be sure to file complaints with the courts and the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.  Children and parents should be warned and not suffer the consequences of an unethical GAL that has a personal vendetta against YOU and your family.  


Mary Beth has a bad habit of passing her report around in order to taint witnesses, pediatrician and psychologist before a hearing. This is against Ohio Rule 48. Get in front of this woman and send a copy of your complaint.  Do not allow Fisher to lie on you and hurt your custody and ability to PROTECT YOUR CHILD.    

Whether Fisher is for or against you, more than likely parents can amicably resolve their issues for the best interest of their children.  But a resolution of your case does not help her pocketbook.  Fisher will deliberately create chaos and controversy by playing parents against each other and by manipulating children.  She will escalate the problem and both parents are paying GAL and attorney fees. 

Keep in mind that the parents end up in some kind of a Shared Parenting Plan, and the majority parenting time and school placement goes to one of the parents.  Unless there is grave danger physically or psychologically, settle your class as quickly as possible.  Do not allow your emotions or hatred for one another get in the way of the best in of your child and finances.  Understand that Fisher is motivated by money and referral opportunities, and will keep the case going beyond the child's best interest.  

In 09-DR-0947, Fisher's final bill for 10 months was over $35K for nothing but CORRUPTION and Judge Lias yelling at Fisher too many time for lying, when she should have been removed from the case by Magistrate Bryan Elliott.  It was a disgrace.  

A Rogue guardian ad litems is FISHER (GALs)

A guardian ad litem is a special advocated for physical and sexually abused children.  They are appointed by the judge and their reports are to go directly to the courts and no one else.

Please be careful with guardian ad litems who are also attorneys.  Too many of them will go with whomever can offer them the most referral opportunities. Volunteer GALs are referred by many court systems in Ohio.  Their reports and recommendations are more likely to be reliable, and honest.  If you get a dishonest GAL that will not protect your child, do your best to have them removed. Document every lie that they tell about you or your child. Put your concerns in writing and file it with the court record.  You can also ask to have your child video taped when speaking to the GAL. 

Ohio attorney GALs are governed by Local Rule #48. Please find click on the tab "Ohio Rule 48 - GAL" to find the guidelines.