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Children deserve to be protected and safe

Law Enforcement


Call the police if your child is being abused. DO NOT hesitate to file a police report. This is the United States of America. If a crime has been committed and you and your children are being victimized, then ask for help. File a detailed police report. 

Police officers are sensitive to the plight of women and children.  They understand that it is intimidating to file a police report, especially when you are also involved in a highly contested custody case. Many alleged perpetrators will try to take advantage of the situation and of your fear of making a "mistake". This is when they are likely to harm your child. They will do it out of spite and laugh about it.  They want you to have doubts and to hesitate.  They want you to worry more about their career and your own rather than the safety and well-being of your child.

You are not getting the upperhand in a custody dispute when you make a police report regarding sexual abuse. You are PROTECTING your child.  Your only concern should be to STOP the abuser. 

If anyone tells you otherwise including officials of the court, then their primary concern is about the perpetrator, their defenders, and not about the safety of your child.  You have every right to file a criminal report

Remember the perpetrator only wants to manipulate your child and cause confusion.  Please believe your child when they speak up and say that they are being "touched" inappropriately.  It does not matter if it in the bathroom grooming, bedtime rituals, or during bath time.  If your child's complaints are persistent and unusual then something is very wrong. Trust your instincts.  CALL THE POLICE.  



The Franklin County Public Defender, Edward Gemmer under the direction of his attorney took a private polygraph examination rather than one by the Columbus Police Polygraph Unit.  Edward Gemmer declined to take this legitimate one conducted by a neutral party.  He was twice accused of sexual abuse and still he entered the Walmart family restroom and exposed his penis to the child. This was after the case was settled and after supposedly "passing" TWO polygraphs.  Legitimate polygraphs should be taked by a police department where they cannot be easily manipulated. However, they are still inadmissable and not a proof of innocence.