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Children deserve to be protected and safe

Domestic Court Systems

Going to court can be very intimidating, but it is the only way to prove your case and make a record against the perpetrator. Stand up in the court system and speak up clearly. Do NOT be intimidated by the process. Show up on time and be well-prepared.  If you have an attorney then make sure you are present for all negotiations and discussions.  Do not be left out in the hallway. You are paying your attorney to advocate for your child, and to be your child's voice. Make certain that your attorney tells the court what you have to say about your child's concerns. 

If you are pro se (representing yourself) please demand that you are treated as a professional, because you are one.  You are your child's voice.  If you do not feel the judge or magistrate is being fair, make your concerns known early and loudly.  You will be heard, if you stand up tall and speak up.  Many pro se attorneys have won their case by sheer guts and determination.  MAKE YOUR CASE

Most judges and magistrates will rule correctly or right a wrong, if you make a good enough record. They do not want to be appealed.  If there is a possible conflict of interest ask for a Change of Venue.  Even judges who recuse themselves may have too much influence, if the alleged perpetrator works in the courthouse or with their associates.  It is difficult to get a fair and clean process if the judge or magistrate has a conflict of interest.

Be wary of judges who do not hold guardian ad litems (Gals) accountable. This may be the case, if they appointed the guardian ad litem, and have a long relationship with this appointee.  This relationship can be at the expense of your child if the GAL is a liar.  However, even in these cases, a reputable judge or magistrate will ultimately rule in the best interest of the child. They would rather be safe than sorry, especially if you have a strong support system.  But, ask for a volunteer GAL Ohio CASA, and not a court appointed one.  It is safer and less convoluted, if the GAL is a volunteer child advocate.    

 (See section -Magistrate Elliott - Incompetent.  He allowed the false evidence and overrulled the mother's objection. He also allowed guardian ad litem Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher to put forth fabricated interim reports that were not admitted in to evidence.)