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ALERT!!! More on child support is on the Home page, because this issue is new and you need to know what is going on and some background that began in 2010 when the mother was first awarded child support.  This was before the corruption. (SEE Tabs Homepage and INCOMPETENT and all tabs below.)  This website was created in 2012 after the case settled in the mother's favor, when Franklin County Public Defender, Edward Gemmer signed an incriminating Shared Parenting Plan.  

 In 2018, the mother was awarded $658.56 in child support by Ohio-CSEA  

On July 1, 2019 Franklin County Public Defender, Edward Gemmer cried and appealed to Judge Kay Lias.  She has ordered a child support hearing for August 19, 2019 at 9:00AM.  Juvenile Magistrate Ruttan is to review the matter further.  There is a serious conflict of interest and what about CSEA determination - the law? Magistrate Ruttan works closely with Gemmer in the Juvenile Division. 

FACTS: Deadbeat: Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer makes nearly $30,000 MORE than the mother. He wants to go back to paying $.00, and to taking advantaged of the mother and is counting on bias against her and this family.  Gemmer is married and has a wife, Ashley Ann Gemmer.  Their total income is over $124.000.  He is not a single-parent taking care of three girls by himself.  My granddaughter is a single parent with two children. She lost her job and had to take a lower paying one. Edward Gemmer will need an out-right corrupt decision to overturn $328.58 to $0 or a directive to disregard the LAW. This will cause an appeal.

There is a change in circumstances.  The mother has a law degree, but she is not licensed to practice and she works in another field that pays a lot less. Edward Gemmer is a deadbeat and for years has NOT adequately provided for his child.

There was so much corruption in the case in 2012 #09DR-4727 that my granddaughter, who had no income at the time of the settlement, she accepted $.00 child support just get out of court, but with custody of her child. She had lost two jobs due to being in court when the case went over 3 years. Edward Gemmer was protected from his conduct and his job was protected as well.  HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED.  My granddaughter ended up filing bankruptcy.  I DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU.  Public Defender Gemmer could just walk downstairs and sit in the courtroom and lie day after day, month after month and year after year.  Prior to the conclusion of the case in 2012, and in her favor, the mother was receiving child support from Edward Gemmer in 2011. Magistrate McQuain was not a part of the corruption.  It was taken away by Magistrate Elliot when the lying and corruption created errors on the bench. Attorney Joseph Nigh, Edward Gemmer and MaryBeth Fisher created a mockery of the courtroom. The ramification are lingering today.  They used stolen and tampered with email communications.  DETAILS ARE IN TABS BELOW:  

The issue today in 2019 is fairness and child support that was taken away in 2011.  It was retasblished in 2018 by CSEA, upheld by Magistrate Ruttan continue until the child turns 18 years old.   

In 2018, Ohio-CSEA awarded the mother child support $658.56.  These workers have law degrees and a copy of the 2012 Shared Parenting Plan. Gemmer appealed their decision, and it was reduced by Magistrate Ruttan to only $328.58.  Magistrate Ruttan resides over juvenile cases where Edward Gemmer works every single day.  The reduction to basically 1/2 of CSEA seemed like a favor. But, Gemmer immediately appealed to Judge Kay Lias, citing that the Magistrate made errors.  Gemmer looking for MORE corruption like in 2012. He may appeal to the higher courts.  

I hope that parent and families are helped by this website,  and YOU do not have to go through this with your case.   

Please check with your child support agencies.