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My name is "Grannie".  My email address is  granniesavingkids@gmail.comThis website was created in 2012. There is a lot of information on this website. You are welcome to share your story. You will receive a response and it will remain confidential. Our New Testimonial section (it pops up below, under the Therapist tab) is just a snippet from comments about this website and from parents with similar problems in domestic courts. Thank you for your courage. We understand retaliation. Just always tell the truth. This website exist because it is the truth. Children are at-risk when adults are protected. It happens to families in courtrooms all over the country. Grey-area sexual abuse is common. But it is important to protect your child. Speak up and always tell the truth!  Your child is counting on YOU!

Our family met with local and federal officials. We asked for a criminal investigation of Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer. All documents  and transcripts relating to Franklin County Domestic Courts case #09DR-4727 and the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel were shared in several meetings with the FBI and mailed to: 

U.S. Attorney's Office - Southern District

     303 Marconi Blvd.  Ste 200

     Columbus, Ohio 43215


The good news is that #09DR-4727 settled in the mother's favor.  In 2019, the mother was awarded child support by Ohio-CSEA, and it was upheld by the magistrate. There was so much corruption in the case in 2012 that the mother, who had no income at the time of the settlement, she accepted $.00 child support just get out of court.  Of course, Deadbeat, Edward Gemmer who now make $25,000 MORE than the mother, he wants to continuing paying $.00.  But, he needs an out-right corrupt decision to overturn it, because the evidence will not support it.  

Additionally, what is also good news is that despite retaliation, a lie-filled bar complaint in 2011, Tampa Attorney, Ali Andrew Shakoor, my grandson was courageous.  He prevailed in proving his case.  The mother, family, and complaint letters from friends and professionals protected his law license. My grandson may have been emotional about his sister and niece, how they were being treated in court, but he told truth against lies in Ohio.  Some courts care about evidence and character.  (For details Attorney Ali Shakoor see COURGEOUS... tab at the bottom of this page.)  

ALERT Gray-area is easy to get away with and you have to be persistent to stop it.  Franklin County Public Defender, Edward Simon Gemmer was investigated two-times for sexual abuse.

It was suggested that Edward Gemmer stop "acting like a pervert." But does a thief act lie a thief? Why was the Franklin County Domestic Courts gullible when Gemmer lied while under oath and when he invoked the 5th repeatedly? Therapists involved with the 09-DR-4727 deleted or destroyed therapy notes before the ECO (Emergency Custody Order) in 2011, and final hearing in 2012.  GAL Mary Beth Fisher invoked the 5th and Attorney Joseph Nigh fabricated evidence when questioning the child's therapist. Why?  Was it because Edward Gemmer works in the courthouse? Is Gemmer actually fit to be an attorney in the juvenile division?

Public Defender Edward Gemmer has undermined the integrity of Franklin County Domestic Courts. He is expected to lie under oath and invoke the 5th Amendment.

ALERT!  Edward Gemmer was found in Contempt in 2014 (Click on TABS on bottom about the CONTEMPT.)  There was no other recourse. 

For updates (Click on tabGood News - Concerns - UPDATES to 2019 - all are at bottom of this page).   

In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Edward Gemmer acted like a "pervert." The odd thing about it, is that everyone in our family was getting along before his conduct.  

There was no corruption in Franklin County Court Case 09DR-4727 until GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher was appointed to the case.     

 During the forced showering and inappropriate conduct, Edward Gemmer was spying in his estranged wife's email account. He testified to wanting to know what was being said about him.  Why didn't he just STOP.  Edward Gemmer is a public defender. Does this sound like a behavior of pervert? 

During the court proceedings Edward Gemmer used tampered and stolen email communications where this family argued over what to do about his conduct, but not that he did not do it.  Members of this family wanted Edward to held accountable. The mother wanted him to have supervised visits and therapy for his inappropriate conduct. She wanted him to become a better father. While spying, Gemmer was privy to attorney/client information, unfiled motions, personal emails, affidavits, and correspondence with children service investigators. He shared tampered with emails with his attorney, Joseph Nigh, GAL/Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher, and with sexual abuse investigators. The emails were then taken out context and used in a vicious GAL report written by Fisher. This erroneous and false report was sent to the child's pediatrician, child care agency/ school, and to the child's therapist. It is probably still being passed around by Edward Gemmer. He is pathetic. People know the truth. Every morning when he looks in the mirror, Edward Gemmer knows his shameful behavior, and that all he had to do was STOP.  The GAL report was NEVER filed into evidence, but was used to distract from the child's complaints. This is what perverts do. They try and distract from their behavior. It is an act of desperation.   

The mother and members of our family filed complaints with the Columbus Police and the FBI. Members of our family asked for a criminal investigation. Public Defender, Edward Gemmer did NOT file any charges against anyone in this family.  What he did was plead the Fifth multiple times, and what he did was lie in court under oath. He lied and said he owned the Gmail account. Just an outright lie. The mother presented evidence that she opened her own account in 2008.  Gemmer was forced to stop his behavior.  Think about it. What kind of father would suddenly start showering naked with a 4-year old daughter?  When she complains then force the showering? What father would stop using wash cloths and bathe the child with his bare hands? The child complained and he persisted.  What kind of father would place "medicine" on the child's vagina when under investigation for sexual abuse and he did not have the "medicine?" What kind of father would spy in the mother's email account to see what is said about his conduct? Why not just stop it? 

There is a lot of detailed information on this website in the tabs below. All you have to do is click on them. What you are going to read is unsettling. Grey-area sexual abuse is common. It may be happening to you and your family right now.  Please be strong and believe that most people are good. Majority judges, attorneys, and parents are fair and decent people. They look out for the best interest of children.  What is concerning and outright corrupt is when careers are involved, bias, and financial gain that exploits emotional parents.  Cases that could be settled are dragged on for months and years.  Domestic court is a money maker.  More parents need to speak up.  File your complaints, motions, affidavits and transcripts.    

U.S. Attorney's Office - Southern District

     303 Marconi Blvd.  Ste 200

     Columbus, Ohio 43215


YOU can do the same. Speak Up!!! 

Even today, in 2019, there is still a problem when relying on the court for a fair ruling. Visiting Judge Lias should have recused in 2009. All other judges did and she was longest on the bench.   (SEE TABS BELOW ).

Although, Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer signed an incriminating shared parenting plan in 2012, he is protected by the court when his conduct is outrageous. This attorney can lie under oath.  It is expected of him to lie when he frequently violates the court order.  Excuses are made for his conduct.  "Don't people lie?" 

ALERT!  Edward Gemmer was found in Contempt in 2014 by Judge Kay Lias. There was no other recourse when he had taken the child out of the country.  Since his last contempt his conduct where he violates the court order, it is viewed as "temporary."  Another Contempt on Edward Gemmer would look bad for the court.   

If you are having similar problems, this website may protect your child and you from retaliation. I want you to be a strong advocate, and maintain this attitude no matter what you are up against in court. Just always tell the truth and protect your child from "grey-area" sexual abuse and neglect. It is important to expose corruption and ask for accountability.  More parents, therapists, psychologists, and attorneys need to speak up about unethical proceedings, bullying tactics, and retaliation in the courtroom. One day there will be a federal investigation. The safety and well-being of children should always be first. 

Send your complaints past or present to the address above. 

The mother and this family fought hard in court for the child's rights.  You need to fight for your child.  DO NOT give up if your child is complaining and unhappy.  Your child is counting on your courage.    


The central message in this website is that although you may encounter major corruption in domestic courts, it is important to document everything and PROTECT your child. 




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